MEP calls on South West Labour MPs to back referendum on Brexit deal

Molly has called on the South West’s Labour MPs to back a ratification referendum on the final Brexit deal. The call comes following a recent survey which shows a majority of Labour members support the idea, and the increasingly vocal support for remaining in the EU from the region’s Labour MPs.

Pro-EU Exeter MP, Ben Bradshaw, has said he believes Brexit will never happen and Thangam Debbonaire, MP for Bristol West, commented on Twitter that she will take every opportunity to stop Brexit. Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“It is clear Labour MPs in the South West are engaged in a bit of wishful thinking over Brexit. Hoping it won’t happen or that opportunities will somehow arise to block it is simply not good enough. Especially as the Labour leadership are still mirroring Tory plans for a hard Brexit, involving leaving the Single Market and ending freedom of movement.

“The best way to steer ourselves away from the Brexit iceberg is to hand the good ship Britannia back to the people. Let them decide whether what is on offer at the end of the Brexit negotiations is better or worse than staying in the EU. I invite all Labour MPs in the South West – and any Tory MPs worried about the course we are on – to join me in supporting a ratification referendum.

“It is abundantly clear that Labour members have totally rejected a hard Brexit, with only 4% believing that we should leave the Single Market. But given only 9% are against the idea of a second referendum, it is clear that this is the path we should now follow to ensure there is public backing for remaining in the EU.”