Listen to Labour members on Single Market and second referendum, Green MEP urges Jeremy Corbyn

New research shows a majority of Labour members want to remain in the Single Market, and support the idea of a referendum on the final Brexit deal. The survey, carried out by the Economic and Social Research Council, found two-thirds of members think Britain should definitely stay in the Single Market, while 49% think there should definitely be a vote on the final Brexit deal, with a further 30% answering “more yes than no” to the question. Responding to the survey, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“It is time Jeremy Corbyn looked to Labour Party members to learn a few lessons on how to put the economic, social and democratic interests of the country first. If he continues to oppose remaining in the Single Market and a referendum on the final Brexit deal, we know this will be for ideological reasons rather than because he is reflecting Labour member’s wishes.  

“This survey should be seen as a green light to the Labour leadership to stop mirroring the Tories on Brexit; they must end their obsession with ending freedom of movement and unite to fight hard Brexit.

“It is also time for Labour to ditch their opposition for a second referendum. It is clear that the majority of Labour members now support the Greens’ idea of a ratification referendum on the final Brexit deal, which will allow people an opportunity to vote to remain in the EU if they don’t like what is on offer.  

“The majority of Labour members want to stop Brexit driving us off the cliff face. I urge Jeremy Corbyn to listen to members and activists, as he has pledged to do, take a firm grip of the steering wheel and avert disaster.”