Ideological obsession with ‘extreme Brexit’ means Government turning a blind eye towards needs of food and farming sector, says MEP

Molly, who sits on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, has welcomed a new report by food policy experts which warns that the government is failing to address a huge set of issues related to food and agriculture post-Brexit. She has drawn attention to two reports she commissioned earlier this year identifying ways to move towards an ecologically sustainable farming system; one that would relocalise food production and increase self-reliance. Molly said:

“This timely report reminds us of the government’s abject failure to produce any sort of plan for the future of our food and farming sectors post-Brexit. The Tories have turned a blind eye to a sector that is so vital for our future health and welfare.

“I continue to believe that the best place for UK farmers and food producers is inside the EU. However, Brexit could provide a unique opportunity to increase food security through increased domestic production; reversing the decline of family farms and boosting rural economies. The two reports I commissioned are packed full of ideas for policy-makers on how we can bring about this transformation – whether we are inside or outside the EU.    

“The government’s refusal to listen to positive contributions from food and farming experts shows they are ideologically focused on an extreme form of Brexit at any cost. Leaving the EU, and particularly the Single Market, is likely to hit our family farmers and small scale food producers particularly hard, yet the government has no plan on how to address the problems they will face and has shown no inclination to listen to ideas on how we can tackle these problems.”