EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement – an instrument for corporate tax avoidance?

The aim of this report is to explore the impact that the so-called ‘modernisation’ of the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA) might have on corporate tax avoidance and illicit financial flows. The negotiations are still underway and have not been finalised, so this report is based on current existing understanding of what is being negotiated.

The report concludes:

“It is evident that trade deals cannot be separated from tax issues, human rights and money laundering… However, this is just one facet of the deal, and as with TTIP and CETA, it is evident that there are many causes for concern within such deals. Though FTAs with the EU do not deal with tax regulation explicitly, they do play an important role in minimising or increasing the chances of tax fraud through provisions and regulation or lack thereof. Therefore, FTAs like the EU-Mexico deal risk facilitating tax fraud and illicit financial activity.”

Molly said:

“Greens are fighting for more effective regulation of financial flows and of the activities of financiers, bankers, tax lawyers and tax accountants. Our objective is to ensure that the global economy works for the common good and that we create the conditions to allow societies to prosper.”

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