On International Day Against Homophobia, Green MEP calls for end to persecution in Chechnya and Russia

Molly has co-authored a resolution in the European Parliament condemning the persecution of men perceived to be gay in Chechnya and Russia and calling on the authorities there to end a campaign of persecution against them [1]. The resolution, which has overwhelming support in the European Parliament, comes on International Day Against Homophobia, which aims to raise awareness of LGBTIQA+ rights violations around the world. Molly, who is standing as parliamentary candidate in Bristol West, said:

“It was really important for me to be in Strasbourg this week to stand up for LBGTIQA+ people. This resolution which I co-authored and has received strong backing in the Parliament makes clear that human rights violations against people on the grounds of sexual orientation cannot be tolerated. In particular, by passing this resolution, MEPs will send a clear signal to Chechnya and Russia that human rights violations in the region and a climate of impunity which allows these acts to take place must come to an end.

“Today on International Day Against Homophobia, Europe has a strong message for the Chechen and Russian authorities: you must uphold the rule of law, promote equality and non-discrimination and universal human rights standards. Today of all days that must also be a message to the whole world.”


[1] Draft resolution which will be voted on in plenary session, Thursday 18th May 2017. There is strong support from most political groups in the European Parliament.