Court ruling on trade deal could help prevent Brexit race to the bottom, says MEP

Molly, who is Green Party economics speaker, has welcomed a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) today that will help shape the way future EU trade agreements are negotiated. The ECJ has ruled that the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement requires ratification by Member States to come into force, a ruling that will have major implications for future EU trade deals and for Brexit negotiations, says Dr Scott Cato:

“This is a hugely significant decision, not just for the EU, but for the UK as we enter Brexit negotiations. The ruling makes clear that Member States must be involved in the approval of any free trade deal and that the European Commission has been sneaking through changes to the single market that would never have gained democratic support. The ruling challenges the democratic deficit in the way EU trade deals are negotiated. Greens have long called for there to be greater democracy and transparency at the beginning and throughout the process.

 “All this is bad news for the corporations, elites and conservative politicians who have viewed Brexit as an opportunity for a race to the bottom and the creation of a tax haven. The ruling increases the likelihood that improving social and working standards, protecting our environment, and creating quality jobs will be the litmus test for future trade deals. By increasing the powers of Member States over trade deals it also makes it less likely that a future UK government can push through a Brexit trade deal that does not work for the good of all EU countries and their citizens.”