South West Green MEP: there is an alternative to Tories hard Brexit

Molly will bring her message of the alternatives to the ‘Tories hard Brexit’ to Devon this Friday. She will speak to Honiton senior citizens in the afternoon, before joining a meeting with a group of political & business stakeholders in Exeter to discuss promoting the UK remaining in the Single Market [2], and then speak at the European Movement AGM at County Hall in the evening [3].

Molly campaigned to remain in the EU during the referendum campaign and is strongly opposed to Tory Brexit plans, particularly removing the UK from the single market and ending free movement – both of which she says will damage the South West regional economy. She said:

“Like many of the people I represent, I have felt deep sadness that by a small majority British voters voted to walk away from the greatest peace project in global history. The hard Brexit path the Tories are taking us down – removing us from the single market, tearing up important environmental regulations and hardening attitudes towards our European neighbours – threatens to damage us socially, environmentally and economically.  

“However, we must not give up hope of positively reclaiming our future. Many of us want to keep the freedoms, privileges and safeguards that being in the EU offers, and I will continue to fight for those freedoms.

“As Greens we have established a series of ‘green guarantees’ that we believe must not be compromised during the negotiation process [4]. We want important environmental laws to be maintained or improved; we will defend free movement, especially for young people, and we want to remain in the single market as the best way to protect our economy, jobs and workers’ rights. We are also calling for a ratification referendum once a Brexit deal has been reached, to allow the British people a chance to accept or reject the future that is on offer.”   


Friday 28th April: Meetings to be attended by Molly Scott Cato

[1] 2-4pm: What will Brexit mean for us? Methodist Hall, Honiton EX14 1EU. Organised by June Brown of Honiton Senior Voice: “Many of our members are keen to know what Brexit will mean for us. It may be cheaper to export but already prices are going up and care staff have started to leave so what is the future?”

[2] 5-7pm: Meeting with political & business stakeholders to Business meeting to discuss how to promote the UK remaining in the Single Market both before and after the general election. Private and informal, not open to the public.  

[3] 7-9pm: Devon European Movement AGM at the Coaver Club, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter. Molly will deliver a key note speech at 19.30 to be followed by a questions and answer session.