Molly responds to European Parliament resolution on Brexit

The European Parliament has today backed a resolution setting out its terms for negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union. The resolution has cross-party consensus and was co-signed by the Green group [1]. Molly said:

“The European Parliament has overwhelmingly agreed to support a resolution on Brexit today, making our position together with some key red lines clear. Unlike the UK’s members of parliament, MEPs will have real power. The resolution makes clear that the withdrawal agreement and any future or transitional agreements between the EU and UK can only be concluded with the consent of the European Parliament.

“The yearning by EU members for our country to maintain as close a relationship as possible with the EU contrasts dramatically with the divisive and destructive approach of the Tory government.

“Within just a week of triggering Article 50 we have a senior Conservative threatening war against a European ally. The European Union is one of the world’s greatest ever peace projects and a beacon for democracy and human rights. Yet this bullish attitude by a former Tory leader shows that Brexit is being hijacked to build an ugly coalition which is undermining our civilised society; it is sadly symbolic of the loss of commitment to peace and to basic standards of diplomacy, to say nothing of friendship and loyalty.

The journey towards Brexit is proving how powerful the Union has been in this civilising mission and how flimsy these basic freedoms seem without European support.”