Molly welcomes action on air pollution after #Dieselgate inquiry

Molly Scott Cato MEP has today welcomed the demand for action from the European Parliament following an inquiry into the #Dieselgate scandal.

Commenting on the recommendations of the inquiry Molly said,

“In cities like Bristol that I represent, hundreds of people are dying because of the public health emergency around poor air quality. It is outrageous to think that car manufacturers lied about the pollution their products produced. It is because of this that I welcome these parliamentary recommendations. The people I represent are horrified that car manufacturers have been cheating on emissions tests and they demand strong action from the European Parliament to stand up to this corporate abuse of power.

However, I’m disappointed that the Green proposal for an independent agency to regulate and monitor emissions was not passed. Such a body is essential to safeguard the health of people in cities like Bristol in the South West of England. This is an example of where, to constrain corporate power and protect public health, we really do need more Europe rather than less.

During the committee’s work, we have seen the power of the car industry lobby and conservative forces in the Parliament including the UK Tories working with them to water down the protections that citizens need. This vote will help break the cosy relationship between national authorities, car manufacturers, and the technical bodies in charge of the testing to make sure citizens know the truth of just how polluting our cars are. While this report represents a step in the right direction we need to put citizens and their health first and demand that car manufacturers do not cheat on the tests and cheat people out of their health and their futures.”



Air pollution is responsible for 40,000 deaths a year in the UK and 300 each year in the city of Bristol .