Lords amendment on Brexit deal: Molly responds

With peers expected to support an amendment today which would allow MPs to have the final say on the Brexit deal at the end of the Article 50 process, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on EU relations, said:

“Of course it is right for elected representatives to the UK Parliament to provide proper scrutiny of the deal that gets thrashed out between the UK and the EU. If taking back control means anything it means taking control away from an authoritarian prime minister, acting without a mandate particularly over our membership of the single market, and letting MPs have a say on the final deal. That is essential for parliamentary democracy.

“It would also be a complete mockery of the referendum and the Take Back Control mantra if I, as an MEP, got to vote on the Brexit deal but MPs didn’t.

 “Ultimately, as Greens, we would like the people to decide if they like what’s on offer and to be given the chance to accept or reject the Brexit deal through a ratification referendum.”