Response to Blair’s Brexit speech

Responding to Tony Blair’s Bloomberg speech on Brexit, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on EU relations, said:

“Blair has spun and lied and we have learnt not to trust him. Yet on Brexit he spoke the truth. His words were authentic and he spoke for millions of people who are grappling with the true horrors of the Tories’ extreme form of Brexit.

“Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. While it is a shame that the right message has been delivered by somebody so deeply unpopular, it perhaps takes someone so universally reviled to have the courage to resist the intimidation of the Brexit legions.

“The movement Blair calls for is already building in local organisations and communities across the South West and other parts of the UK. We have no need to rise up, only to watch as the promises made during the referendum campaign unravel. But as the Brexit shambles becomes ever more apparent, we must demand the right to have a democratic say once the real terms of Brexit become clear.”