Why Molly will vote against ratifying CETA

Responding to constituents who have asked Molly to vote against ratification of CETA Molly has said:

On Wednesday I will be voting on the CETA trade deal with Canada and I am emailing to let you know that, on your behalf, I will be voting against ratification.

We have been campaigning hard to persuade other MEPs to follow our lead, putting around our ’12 reasons Greens oppose CETA’  and drafting a resolution which will be put to the Parliament on Wednesday. We have fought hard to spread the news about the risks CETA poses to our climate, our farmers and our democracy itself. We could not have done this without your support and feel encouraged that so many of you have been tirelessly campaigning on this. Thanks so much for all that you have done.

As I’m sure you would agree, CETA shares many of the same faults as TTIP. It weakens workers’ rights and environmental standards and it risks weakening local economies on both sides of the Atlantic. For instance, public procurement rules are pressured to change in favour of multinationals, by working on a price basis alone, rather than taking into account social, labour and environmental considerations. For more information about the deal, you can read my article in the Guardian or watch my video.

As MEPs prepare to vote this week, we will remain clear and visible in our opposition. However this is not our last chance to be heard- if MEPs vote in favour of CETA on Wednesday, national governments will still have to ratify the deal. Resistance to CETA has been felt in many areas of Europe. For instance, the German Constitutional Court attached strict conditions to the CETA deal (read more here) and the Walloon regional parliament stalled Belgium’s signature due to concerns about the impact on social and environmental laws (read more here). We must continue in this vein for as long as we possibly can.

Thank you for keeping up the vital public pressure on both these deals. You will be with me in spirit when I proudly cast my vote against the deal on Wednesday.

Best regards,