Missile test failure shows Trident is redundant, says MEP

Molly Scott Cato MEP has said that the government cover-up of a Trident missile malfunctioning during a test last summer illustrates the failure of the UK’s entire nuclear defence policy and that the UK has effectively been without nuclear defence for the last six months. She said:

“We must assume that the failure of this test made our nuclear defence system redundant. It is inconceivable that the government would be willing to take a risk on firing missiles that might end up hitting the wrong target; missiles capable of killing tens of thousands of people. Theresa May urged MPs to back Trident renewal despite knowing about these problems [1]. The government is not only being dishonest about its missile testing failures, it is also being dishonest about the effectiveness of our nuclear defence strategy.”

Molly also believes that the Brexit vote in June last year persuaded the government to cover up the missile test failure. She said:

“Revealing such a missile test failure would clearly have been a bombshell for a Conservative government reeling from the Brexit vote.  The shambles created by the decision to leave the EU meant that the government either chose to or felt forced to bury this bad news.

“Theresa May has blown her trustworthiness with the British people. The public must now be left wondering what else this government has been hiding.”   

Molly, a long-time opponent of the Trident missile programme, recently released a report into how nuclear defence jobs in Devonport, Plymouth, could be transferred into green jobs, making use of existing local skills and facilities. She said:

“Not only are such weapons of annihilation immoral and in breach of our obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, this revelation shows that Trident is militarily useless. It has effectively been redundant for six months and should now be scrapped permanently.

“We can and must abandon Trident replacement but maintain employment by transferring investment and skills into socially useful and sustainable jobs. Scrapping Trident would also free up money to invest in our conventional defence forces which have suffered such terrible cuts in many parts of the South West and other areas of the UK.”