Green MEP condemns EU decision on state aid for Hinkley firm

Molly has condemned a decision by the EU Commission to give the green light for French government cash to prop up Areva, the troubled nuclear group. Last autumn the company signed contracts with EDF and China General Nuclear Corporation to build two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C following approval for Hinkley by the Conservative Government.

However, Molly had challenged the French government bail-out for the French nuclear industry and asked the EU Commission to investigate whether it was in breach of European state aid rules. She has expressed deep disappointment at the EU decision:

“When is a state subsidy not a state subsidy? When it props up the ailing French nuclear industry it seems. Granting the go-ahead for this huge wodge of government cash to bail out the corporations building and running Hinkley will hugely disadvantage the renewables sector.

“The renewables sector has taken a huge hit in recent years due to a raft of damaging ideologically driven government legislation and this decision is just another kick in the teeth for the sector. This has left investment into renewable energy projects in the UK is at an all-time low. Yet this is just the time when we urgently need a renewable energy revolution – one we know the South West can deliver – and a massive injection of investment and incentives to make such a revolution happen.

“With the Paris Agreement on tackling climate change now in force and the EU’s own target for 27% of energy to come from renewables by 2030, this decision is as bewildering as it is disappointing.”