MEP throws down fracking challenge to region’s politicians

Molly has challenged Conservative and Labour MEPs and MPs in the region to join her in opposition to fracking in Somerset.

The call comes as the head of the company which holds all the hydrocarbon exploration licences in Somerset has predicted he could be drilling a gas well in the county in two years time. Molly has consistently opposed fracking and along with Greens in Europe has been pushing for a Europe-wide ban of the controversial technique for extracting shale gas. She said:

“Frackers might be feeling bolstered by government support for this dangerous and destructive industry, but I know local communities are feeling equally bold and won’t stand for the noise, air, light and water pollution that fracking would bring. They also understand that our precious South West landscapes are crucial in protecting wildlife and a rural economy heavily reliant on tourism.

“Fracking and a dash for gas are also totally incompatible with the commitment to holding global temperature rise to under 2 degrees, as agreed through the ratification of the Paris Agreement on tackling climate change.

“I am challenging the region’s elected politicians to join me in opposing any fracking whatsoever in Somerset or anywhere else in the South West. We must protect our environment and our climate and that means leaving all further fossil fuel reserves in the ground.”