Greens slam Labour MEPs for ‘dash for gas’ vote

Greens have slammed Labour for voting for a ‘dash for gas’ in the European Parliament today. The vote on a report by conservative politician Andras Gyürk suggested that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ energy solution; something Green MEPs strongly oppose.  

Molly joined more than 40 other Green MEPs to vote against the report. She said:

“As we increase our supply of LNG from the US, we are opening our doors to fracked gas. I am totally against fracking in any form – whether we are talking about LNG imports from the US, or the fracking of our countryside in the UK. I know that local communities in the South West won’t stand for seeing some of our most fragile and treasured landscapes become exposed to the noise, air, light and water pollution that fracking would bring. They also understand that such landscapes are crucial in protecting wildlife and a rural economy heavily reliant on tourism.”

Greens have heavily criticised the report as it strongly promotes the expansion of LNG and related infrastructure in Europe, while neglecting the need to phase out of fossil fuels to meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement on climate change. Dr Scott Cato criticised Labour MEPs for supporting the report:

“I was sorry to see that other MEPs, including many from the Labour Party, voted in favour of this report. They seem hell bent on a dash for gas despite the good noises their leader is making on fracking back in the UK and the united cry of climate scientists who tell us we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels.”

“Building more infrastructure to keep us locked into fossil fuels will make it impossible to stick to our climate objectives under the Paris Agreement. The MEPs who voted for this report have shown a disregard not just of public opinion but also for the long-term health of our shared planet.”