MEP says South West is not for shale in response to government ‘bribe’

Molly has used a government consultation on the Shale Wealth Fund to reiterate that the ‘South West is not for shale’ [1]. The special fund aims to give more of the proceeds from fracking to local residents living in shale gas zones. However, she has described the plans as a bribe to accept fracking. She said:

“The Shale Wealth Fund is a cynical attempt by Government to sweeten the fracking pill and bribe households and communities to accept something that will have a detrimental impact on their quality of life and the environment. I am confident that strong opposition to this dangerous industry will not be silenced with cash, and people will continue to tell the government that the South West is not for shale.”

Greens believe that hydraulic fracturing of shale gas should form no part of the UK energy mix due to significant concerns about the potential environmental and health risks as well as being incompatible with UK’s commitment to keeping climate change below 2 degrees Celsius. Greens are instead calling for an energy transition, away from fossil fuels towards energy efficiency and renewable resources.

Dr Scott Cato believes the government’s decision to overturn Lancashire County Council’s rejection of a planning application for a fracking site earlier this month shows contempt for local democracy.

“We now see what take back control really means – it is the government taking back control from local people and giving power to fracking corporations to trash their local environments and damage their health. Real sustainable wealth, prosperity and a good quality of life for our communities lies in exploiting and cooperatively owning our abundant renewable energy resources.”


[1] See full response by Molly Scott Cato MEP to the government’s consultation on the Shale Wealth Fund. The government is seeking responses from individuals or from organisations, such as charities, businesses, local authorities and community group.