Molly responds to ‘Hinkley handshake’

Responding to news that Government ministers from the UK, France and China have signed the final deal on Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, Molly, a long-time opponent of the project, said:

“So hands have been shaken on an economically illiterate, technically flawed, environmentally risky deal which also threatens our future security. This deal is the exact opposite of taking back control. Real control would come through a renewable energy revolution, providing cheaper and greener electricity, greater energy security and generating thousands more home grown jobs than nuclear power. Community owned renewables can also take power away from foreign corporations and governments and hand it back to the people.

“Effectively, consumers and businesses will pay the price for what the government has now acknowledged is a massive error in our approach to the ownership and control of critical infrastructure; it is a decision of catastrophic proportions.

“With the Lib Dems as chief architects of this project and Labour still stuck in the nuclear bunker, willing to support a discredited scheme to keep British unions happy, only the Green Party are left opposing this expensive white elephant and dangerous nuclear power.

“However, this is not the end of the saga. The financial support offered to Hinkley equates to a €7bn subsidy. Greens in the European Parliament believe that such a bailout amounts to illegal state aid under EU rules. We have taken up the case with the EU competition Commissioner. There are also two outstanding legal challenges through the European Court of Justice, one by the Austrian and Luxembourg governments over state subsidies, and one by a consortium of renewable energy companies claiming the subsidy package could give ‘hazardous nuclear technology’ a competitive advantage.

“We can still stop this disastrous project.”