Do we really want post-Brexit Britain to be the world’s biggest tax haven?


Published: 23rd September 2016

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“Rightwing media figures, along with the Conservative government and the banks are keener to shut down legitimate lines of inquiry on tax dodging than they are to shut down tax havens.

“During her short leadership campaign May spoke noble words about the need to turn Britain into a country that works for the many, not the few. This is precisely the opposite of what tax havens do. They are a system used by a tiny elite composed of the super-wealthy precisely to avoid contributing their fair share to society.

“So is Rudd on the side of the many, whose services have been cut to the bone because of insufficient tax revenues, or is she on the side of the wealthy few who avoid paying taxes?

“Ruddgate goes to the heart of the question of what type of society we want in the wake of the EU referendum. Will we follow the lead taken by Europe in promoting fair taxation, or will we follow the route being pushed by some hard-Brexit supporters and become one of the globe’s leading tax havens?

“The answer depends on the actions we take now, and whether we have the courage to demand the highest standards of those who govern our country.”