Hinkley: A serious review would never have given this white elephant the go-ahead

Left Foot Forward

Published: 17th September 2016

Full article: https://leftfootforward.org/2016/09/hinkley-a-serious-review-would-never-have-given-this-white-elephant-the-go-ahead/

Key quotes

“All the advice has been clear: Hinkley is economically illiterate, technically flawed, environmentally risky and a threat to our national security. Yet despite the deafening protestations, the ‘review’ concludes that the deal should go ahead.

“Ultimately, what Hinkley demonstrates is that the Conservative government is not taking back control but giving it away. What is needed is a proper ‘comprehensive review’ of our energy policy; one which aims to take power away from corporations and governments and hand it back to people in the form of community owned renewables.”