Switch the stick, says Bristol MEP

switchthestickMolly has thrown her full support behind a Bristol based campaign to end the use of plastic cotton bud sticks. The City to Sea campaign has launched a petition calling on retailers to #switchthestick from plastic to paper stem cotton buds instead.

Millions of cotton buds are flushed down toilets every year, and end up in waterways and rivers and so get washed out to sea. Because they are small and can squeeze through sewage filters, they make up an estimated 60% of all sewage related beach litter. Molly said:

“Plastic pollution is one of the most serious problems affecting the health of our oceans. And because no ocean life is free from the effects of plastic waste it finds its way into the human food chain. I commend this Bristol-based campaign for raising the profile of this critical issue and urge retailers to switch the stick. It’s not difficult and would be an important move in protecting our waterways, rivers and oceans.”