MEP calls on South West constituents to oppose Hinkley in favour of ‘renewable energy revolution’

The South West’s Green MEP has called on her constituents to write to their MPs to voice their opposition to Hinkley and press instead for massive investment in the region’s abundant renewable energy resources. Molly is making the call in the wake of the Prime Minister’s unexpected announcement last week of a review of plans for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Molly said:

This delay is a huge opportunity to stop Hinkley for good – and make the giant leap towards a clean, safe, and affordable renewable energy system. Hinkley nuclear power station would be the most expensive object ever built. Rather than ploughing billions into this flawed scheme, the Government should be redoubling efforts to build up decentralised, renewable infrastructure fit for the 21st century.

“We still hear the tired and outdated refrains: the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. This demonstrates a failure to understand how energy policy is developing.  Even National Grid boss, Steve Holliday, agrees that the concept of baseload is obsolete. Innovative energy systems are taking us beyond centralised grids and vast and inflexible generating installations such as Hinkley. By decentralising generating capacity and using smart technology to match supply and demand, combined with efficiency savings, we can usher in a new energy era.”

Molly went on to explain how renewables will provide cheaper energy for consumers than Hinkley would:

“The cost of renewables is tumbling and Hinkley will become a giant white elephant as it struggles to compete with cheaper renewable options. Research has shown that solar power would be a less costly way of generating the equivalent amount of power. Even offshore wind is now a better deal for billpayers than Hinkley. Tidal lagoons and geothermal power also offer significant untapped potential.”

Molly is calling on constituents across the South West region to contact their MP asking them to urge Theresa May to abandon Hinkley for good and invest in clean, affordable, home-grown renewable energy generation instead. She is also calling on them to sign a petition. She said:

“A final decision is expected in the autumn, so we’ve not got much time to stop this white elephant. With virtually all MPs in the region backing Hinkley we need to pile the pressure on for a genuine energy revolution; one that can give power back to the people rather than leave it the hands of giant foreign corporations and the Chinese Communist Party.”