MEPs raises alarm about UK ‘joining front of the queue on dodgy trade deals’

Molly, who has long campaigned against the controversial TTIP trade deal between the EU and US, has warned that with the deal looking increasingly fragile, the UK may seek to enter into its own even more damaging agreement with the US. TTIP was cited by some on the Left as a good reason to leave the EU, but it now looks likely that Germany’s coalition government will veto the deal.

Molly argued before the referendum that the EU was the right place to fight TTIP and that the Tories would readily create alternative trade deals with the US and other nations if we left the EU. She said:

“I always said that a UK outside the EU, governed by the Tories, would lead to even further trade liberalisation, even more damaging trade deals and a deregulated corporate free-for-all. That is exactly what we are now in danger of witnessing. Obama famously said that were Britain to leave the EU it would go to the ‘back of the queue’ on trade deals. With TTIP in free fall, the post Brexit reality is that Tory minsters are desperately trying to move us to the front of the queue. There is now a real danger this will result in a race to the bottom on workers’ rights, consumer protection and environmental and animal welfare standards.”

Molly is also keen to highlight the huge costs involved in negotiating trade deals. The costs of TTIP to date amount to over €2.5 million. The figures were unearthed following a question she put to the EU Commission about the costs of the TTIP negotiations [1]. She said:

“We should not be under any illusion that leaving the negotiation processes of the EU will save us money. Any trade negotiations with the US or any other nation will be less efficient than 28 nations sharing the costs and will be a huge drain on the public purse.”    

[1] Response from Commissioner Malmström, EU trade commissioner, on the costs associated with TTIP negotiations.