What next for UK following Brexit? Green MEP to discuss ‘Nexit’ at public meeting in Plymouth

Molly will tell a public meeting in Plymouth [1] that there is an urgent need for a change to our electoral system; a new progressive alliance to challenge the Tories; and a fresh General Election in the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU. She will also share her views on the future challenges facing the region and the UK as a whole in the turbulent aftermath of the EU referendum. She said:

“I campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU, so naturally I am disappointed by the result. But what the referendum did offer was genuine representation, something novel to lots of people in the UK. The outcome has shocked many, as they were unaware of the power of their vote. Now we owe it to the people of the UK to create systems of democratic accountability. This will require a progressive alliance on electoral reform so that from now on all votes count.”

“Having created the mayhem and division we now see across the UK, the Conservatives must not be allowed to use instability to negotiate an extreme right-wing Brexit package. We need a fresh general election so that different views of the future we will build together outside the EU can be debated”. 

Lindsey Hall, Chief Executive of the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO), the Plymouth based social enterprise organizing the event, said:

“This event will explore ways to create more progressive partnerships at a local and regional level and how we as people, neighbours, business and organisations can be proactive, focus on pressing issues and flip the debate to one that builds a more equal, sustainable and democratic society.”

John Harris, political and culture writer for The Guardian, will also attend the meeting. He said:  

“Across the country, people are starting to come together to talk about the referendum result, what it says about the state of the UK, and how people on both sides of the Leave/Remain divide can come together and talk about a way forward.

“Plymouth is a city that reflects a lot of the issues that the referendum highlighted, but also people and organisations who can work on plotting a post-Brexit course, for the city and the South West. I’ve been regularly coming to the city to report on how it’s doing for a couple of years now, and I’m really looking forward to hearing what people have to say on the 20th.”


[1] ‘Nexit – what now for Plymouth and the South West?’ A free public meeting: Wednesday July 20th at 6.30pm, Devonport Guildhall, Kerr Street, Plymouth. There will be interactive sessions and discussion to enable everyone to have their say. The event will also give a platform to young people to make sure their voices are heard in designing solutions for the future. The meeting is free to attend but people are asked to register in advance or risk being turned away due to significant public interest. A collection will be made on the night with all proceeds being donated to local food banks. Link for free ticket booking: http://bit.ly/nexitSW