South West deserves an apology, says MEP following release of Chilcot report

Responding to the Chilcot report on the war in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of 179 British service personnel, 20 of whom were from the South West, as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, Molly said:

“Chilcot has shown how the country was seriously misled by the Blair administration. The families who lost loved ones have waited far too long for this report. It is now clear beyond doubt that those service personnel from Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall who lost their lives did so needlessly in a war based on lies.

“Iraq has never recovered from this totally illegal and immoral invasion; an invasion which Chilcot has confirmed took place long before other options for a peaceful resolution were explored. The bombings which killed 250 people in Bagdad this week are testimony to the chaos, despair and pain the country is in.”

Commenting on the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) announcement that they plan to use the report to look at evidence of war crimes committed by British troops, but will not use it to prosecute Tony Blair, Molly said:

“It is of course right for the ICC to examine claims of torture and abuse by British service personnel but it is beyond me how the court can be looking to investigate the actions of our soldiers without also looking at the actions of the politician who forced them to be there. The ICC seems willing only to prosecute those outside so-called Western democracies. The evidence in the Chilcot Report reveals that Tony Blair exaggerated the threats posed by the Iraqi regime and totally underestimated the risks of invasion. This lead to him mislead Parliament and the public. I remain convinced he violated international law and the UN Charter and should be indicted for war crimes. Blair’s awful legacy, aside from a broken Iraq nation, is the deep distrust of politics and politicians that we face in the UK today.”

Molly called on those responsible to apologise to the people of the South West and particularly to the families who lost loved ones. She said:

“Every MP who closed their ears and eyes to the facts and voted for the war should now publicly apologise. As for Blair I would like to hear his apology to the nation from the dock.”