Green MEP’s push to get out the remain vote

Molly is travelling across the region this week in a bid to encourage people to vote in tomorrow’s referendum and to vote to remain in the EU. From Stroud to Exeter and Bournemouth to Bristol, Molly has been taking the Greener In message across the region. Tomorrow, on polling day itself, she will be voting in Stroud before heading to Glastonbury to join musician and campaigner Billy Bragg and Syrian refugee Hassan Akkad to record a discussion for BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight show. This will be broadcast immediately after polls close at 10pm.

Molly has campaigned tirelessly over the last few weeks to persuade her constituents that we are stronger and greener as a part of the EU. She has particularly drawn attention to the vital role the EU plays in clamping down on corporate tax avoidance, protecting our precious regional habitats, leading the fight against climate change and keeping the peace in Europe. She has also warned that a post-Brexit government is likely to have less regard for safeguarding the social and environmental protections we currently enjoy. She said:

“The UK’s membership of the EU is crucial for the fight against dangerous climate change. It is the EU that sets targets which stop our government from totally crushing the renewable energy sector and the thousands of jobs it has created in the West Country. It is European law that raised environmental standards, removing sewage from our beaches and giving us clean bathing water and higher air quality. While protecting our natural environment is important for its own sake, it is also vital to our tourism industry.

“Some on the left have argued that leaving the EU would create an opportunity for some kind of revolution against the problems created by the free market. The only revolution we would likely see from a post Brexit right-wing government is an uprising against a raft of EU environmental and social legislation, under the guise of ‘reducing red tape’. This would leave workers, our much-loved nature habitats and the health of our citizens in far worse shape than is currently the case within the EU. Remaining in the EU is the truly progressive choice to make tomorrow.”

Molly urges anyone planning to vote remain to encourage others by striking up conversations, wearing a badge or putting up a window poster. She said:

“We know this is going to be a very close result. It’s vital that those supporting remain get out and vote and do all they can to encourage others to do likewise.”