Challenge to Commission on rights for asylum seekers

refugees_Calais_WQMolly used World Refugee Day to press the EU Commission on human rights for asylum seekers in Northern France. She has written to the Commission drawing attention to an EU directive which sets out minimum standards for the reception and housing of asylum seekers. She is is urging it to appeal to British and French governments to protect the human rights of refugees in Europe and press the UK government to quickly identify those people with a right to enter Britain.

Molly has condemned some of those campaigning for the UK to leave the EU exploiting refugees as a way of furthering their Brexit campaign. Last week Nigel Farage unveiled a poster showing a long line of Syrian refugees with the caption: Breaking Point. Molly said:

“Some in the Leave camp are deliberately muddling different categories of migrants, using refugees – those fleeing conflict and persecution – with free movement, which is a condition of our membership of the single market. People from outside the EU have always been restricted from entering the UK. To exploit these desperate and vulnerable people for political messages about immigration is the politics of the gutter and should be utterly condemned by all people of compassion.”

Calais_MSCMolly says the fact that asylum seekers are being held in Calais and prevented entry into the UK is evidence that there are restrictions on immigration:

“During a recent visit to ‘The Jungle’ in Calais I was shocked to see that the British and French Governments are not taking seriously the needs of asylum seekers. Conditions in camp are desperate, and there are regular forced evictions. Some refugees have the right to come to the UK under the Dublin Agreement but the British Government is doing very little to ensure that those with a right to be reunited with family members in the UK can do so. I am calling on the Commission to take the British and French governments to task over their treatment of these asylum seekers and protect their human rights.”