Molly dismisses Brexit EU funds claim

Responding to the announcement from leading Brexit MPs that £550 million in EU funding for Devon and Cornwall would be matched by the government if the UK were to leave the EU, Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West region, said:

“This is more make-believe from the Leave camp. Brexit MPs have no authority to make such a pledge – they have no idea if they will be part of the decision-making process on such matters by the end of next week. What we do know is that it was the Tories that seized control of the latest round of Cornwall money from the EU and took it away from Cornwall.”

Molly Scott Cato also believes that if the Leave campaign win next Thursday’s referendum, there will be a ‘bonfire of regulations’ that benefit workers and the environment in the South West. She said:

“We have the EU to thank for enshrining in law minimum standards on part-time work and fixed term contracts, which benefit many workers in the South West. The savage attacks on the region’s vitally important renewables energy sector would only worsen after Brexit. Leading Leave MPs are well-known climate sceptics so they certainly won’t be minded to support this sector, with its huge economic potential in the South West. Tearing up important EU laws protecting our environment will also do as much harm to our vital tourism industry as losing EU funds to the region.”