Green MEP slams Boris and the half-baked Leave campaign after Cornish Pasty Association backs Remain

Cornish_PastyMolly Scott Cato has welcomed news that The Cornish Pasty Association has come out in favour of the UK remaining in the EU. Boris Johnson brandished a Cornish Pasty when he began his ‘Brexit battlebus’ tour in Cornwall recently. Molly said:

“The Cornish Pasty Association are not mincing their words. They understand the protected status the pasty has received under EU rules. The case for Leave is becoming increasingly flaky, and they have no answers on the important questions around consumer rights, tourism and economic prosperity for our region. The EU helps protect and promote the integrity of genuine regional speciality foods and drinks like the much loved Cornish Pasty. I am sure people in the South West will see through the half-baked Leave campaign and vote to Remain part of the EU. Boris Johnson’s visit to Cornwall may have left a bitter taste, but hopefully the full flavour of this regional icon will remain protected after 23rd June.”