Boris Bus moves through Devon and Cornwall

Commenting on the arrival of the Boris Battle Bus to Devon and Cornwall today, Green MEP for the region and strong advocate of the UK remaining in the EU, Molly Scott Cato said:

“It is clear that the Boris Battle Bus has only one destination in mind. Boris is hoping to use Brexit as a route to becoming leader of the Tory Party. On board for Brexit are a range of international pariahs including Putin and Trump, not to mention our own rogues such as climate change denier, Nigel Lawson and millionaire Leave campaigner, Arron Banks, who wants to privatise the NHS.

“The EU referendum is critically important for the people living in the South West. I am sure that like me, many in this region who see the environmental, social and economic benefits of our EU membership, will be hoping to see the wheels fall off Boris’ Brexit campaign in Devon and Cornwall.”