The EU, not Nato, has brought peace to our continent

New Statesman

Published 9th May 2016

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In an article published on Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe, Molly writes about why it is the EU not NATO that has kept the peace in Europe. She does so by recounting a personal journey, which begins in Plymouth.

Key quote:

“Peace is not, as the dictionaries would have it, the absence of war. Peace is a condition achieved through determination and willful action. For this reason I like the fact that in Welsh the word for peace – Heddwych – is an active word, an injunction even: ‘Make peace!’ This was the message branded onto the hearts of those who fought their fellow Europeans twice within 30 years and who later built the European Union. We must defend not disparage the legacy of peace and prosperity their mission achieved for us.”