Molly condemns UK government cuts to Cornish language funding

Molly has issued a statement regarding the lack of Government funding support for the Cornish language:

“Cornwall Council submitted a detailed funding bid to the UK Government for a 5-year funding arrangement, requesting £150,000 per year, for supporting the development of the Cornish language.  But the Government has recently rejected the bid, with no explanation yet being made available in public. This means that there is no longer any Cornish language funding coming from central Government. 

“The UK Government’s position is highly regrettable, especially bearing in mind that Cornwall would have been able to use UK Government funding to lever in extra EU funding via the European Social Fund.  Now this is no longer possible.

“Meanwhile, the Chancellor’s recent keen support for and approval of the Cornish ‘devolution deal’ cited the potential cultural social and economic value of supporting the Cornish language. Despite the Government’s fanfare on devolution, Cornwall is in fact facing massive spending cuts due to the UK Government’s unnecessary and inequitable austerity policies.  It is clear from having spoken to local councillors that it will be extremely difficult for the Council to replace this vital funding for Cornish language development.

“All of Cornwall’s MPs are Conservative, and I call on them to immediately pressure the Government to demonstrate they support Cornwall, and the Cornish language in particular.  Otherwise many Cornish voters will feel they have been deceived by the extravagantly-funded Tory election machine in 2015.”

petition calling on the Government to change it’s mind has been set up as well as an Early Day Motion which Molly urges people to challenge their local MPs to sign. 

The British Council are currently undertaking a fresh assessment of the various economic and cultural benefits of supporting ‘minority languages’.