Response on microplastics

Thank you very much for getting in touch with Molly regarding microplastics. In February Molly along with many of her colleagues in the Greens-EFA group were delighted to add their signatures to a Written Declaration about microplastics, and it’s great to see people in the South West taking action and writing to their representatives.

Molly and the Greens share your concerns about the lasting damage these will cause to our local environment and our fisheries, and believe that we can and must work together to reverse the trend of environmental degradation. In the European Parliament, the group takes a strong and principled stance on climate and other environmental issues.

At home, the Green Party is also committed to banning the use of microbeads in products, declaring at the last party conference in February that the suggested voluntary phase out is simply not enough. In an article in the Independent, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett points to the passing of legislation in the United States, not often known for its environmental commitments, to ban their use in products by April 2017. This overshadows our slow “voluntary” phase-out in the UK. You can see Natalie talking to City to Sea, a collective of concerned organisations and scientists, about the issue here.

Thanks again for your contact and awareness of this issue, and Molly hopes that the Written Declaration is the start of a wider movement to ban microbeads and commit to tougher protection for our oceans and marine life across the European Union. This is something Greens have long been calling for. Environmental issues such as ocean pollution and climate change know no borders.

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