Pull the plug on Hinkley, urges South West MEP

Molly has endorsed the views of leading energy experts who have called for the Hinkley C nuclear project to be scrapped. The group told MPs on the Energy and Climate Change committee today that Hinkley is ‘very bad value for money’, and it was time to ‘pull the plug’ on the deal.

The meeting was also attended by EDF chief executive, Vincent de Rivaz, who declared that the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant will proceed, but couldn’t give a date for a final decision. All he would say is that there will be an announcement ‘in early May’. Molly Scott Cato said:

“It is clear from today’s committee hearing that no one has any confidence in this white elephant anymore. The only people left defending it are those who will have radioactive egg on their faces when it goes belly-up – EDF; the French government; Cameron and Osborne and a few Tories who are blindly playing follow my leader.”

Molly is challenging the project through the EU Competition Commission, believing any further state funding will be in breach of EU rules on state aid and fair competition. She said:

“Any additional funding from the French government to EDF must be judged to be additional state aid and it would mean the contractual arrangements for Hinkley would need to be reopened. This is why I have written the Competition Commissioner asking her to investigate whether a proposed rescue plan for Hinkley is in breach of European state aid rules.”

Molly is calling for an urgent review of energy policy:

“We have a Plan B based on a full scale commitment to a range of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. This will create thousands more skilled and sustainable jobs than nuclear and can be delivered quicker and cheaper. Such an energy revolution could create a South West powerhouse and add over £4bn a year to the regional economy.”