VAT is a feminist issue

Huffington Post

Published 8th March 2016

Full article:

Published on International Women’s Day, Molly uses this article to launch a campaign at EU level for a Europe-wide VAT exemption on sanitary products. Molly explains the repeated failure of successive governments to act on this issue but argues there is now a new window of opportunity to axe the tax due to a forthcoming review of the VAT Directive.

She also argues that cashing in on women’s menstrual cycles is just one way in which tax systems around the world discriminate against women.

Key quote:

“As I will be working on the VAT review as part of my role on the Economics Committee, there is a real chance to build renewed momentum behind a Europe-wide VAT exemption for tampons, towels and mooncups. However, such an agreement will require the support of all 28 EU member states. So now is the time to support my efforts and shout out for bleedin’ change!”