Renewable energy: a study of the government’s recent performance


This report commissioned by Molly and researched and written by renewables specialists, Green Peninsula, looks in detail at changes to energy policy in the last eight months. Molly aims to use the report to challenge the Tory government, via the EU Competition Commissioner, on whether they breach rules on a fair and competitive market.

The report finds that the pace and intensity of interventions by the government in the UK’s energy policy have severely impacted on the renewable energy sector. In particular, the report concludes, there are ‘valid concerns about the approach and intent of recent policy changes as well as effects on the competitive operation of the electricity market in the UK’.

The report suggests the government have adopted a deliberate strategy which favours certain parts of the energy sector over others, thereby creating an inherently uneven playing field. In particular nuclear and fossil-fuel investors are being offered preferential treatment over renewable investors, say the researchers.

The report also suggests there are ‘clear breaches of regulations, both at a UK and EU level’ and that policy changes could undermine the UK’s ability to meet its mandated emissions and renewable energy targets.

The report paints a particularly bleak picture of the South West, suggesting policy changes have left the region in a depressing situation, despite the potential for 100% of energy needs to come from renewables. The region is in complete stasis, suggest the researchers, something which runs ‘directly contrary to the intentions of EU Directives.’ See press release.

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