Another Europe is possible, Green MEP will tell public meeting in Exeter

As the EU referendum debate gathers pace, Molly will address the AGM of the Devon branch of the European Movement in Exeter this Thursday [1]. The movement is an independent, pro-European organisation and will be campaigning for the UK to remain a part of the EU. Molly said:

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to share my views on why I believe the UK should remain part of Europe. Our continent faces many problems, but I believe we are stronger when we face these together.”

Molly will make a short presentation to the meeting, followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions. She will also talk about her work in the European Parliament including tackling tax evasion and supporting renewable energy. She wil also spell out the kind of reforms Greens would like to see in Europe:

“Greens believe another Europe is possible. We support the UK’s membership of the EU and major reforms, but believe that David Cameron is trying to move us in exactly the opposite direction to that which Greens, both in the UK and across Europe, would want from a reformed EU.

“Greens want to see a Europe where cruel austerity is brought to an end; where we work collectively at reducing inequalities and creating lasting prosperity within environmental limits. We believe in a stronger, more effective European Parliament, with greater decision-making powers and scrutiny over the European Commission and Council.”

Roberto Franceschini, chairman of the Devon branch of the European Movement, said:

“If the proponents of leaving the EU are not able or willing to tell us what will happen to the UK after a vote to withdraw, they are just not credible.  So we look forward to our Green MEP explaining to us the importance of EU membership for Devon and the South West.”


[1] The AGM of the Devon Branch of the European Movement will take place on Thursday, 11th February at 7pm at the Coaver Club, Devon County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter. The Coaver Club is accessed via Matford Lane.