A Tax Package to Keep Us One Step Ahead of Google

Huffington Post

Published 28th January 2016

Full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/molly-scott-cato/google-tax_b_9092406.html

Molly explores the issue of corporate tax avoidance and a new EU Commission package of measures on corporate tax avoidance. She explores this in relation to the Google tax controversy, in which the company agreed to pay £130 million in back taxes. Molly also throws down a challenge to George Osborne.

Key quote:

“Tax rules should be written by democratically elected politicians and in a transparent way, not stitched up behind closed doors by accountants, corporate bosses, and co-opted tax authorities. Which is why we in the special tax committee are making a formal request for George Osborne to come and explain why he is ignoring the democratic will of UK and EU citizens and offering special secret deals to corporations.”