Green MEP to challenge Tusk over Cameron’s EU renegotiations

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, is using a meeting with Council President Donald Tusk in the European Parliament today to roundly reject David Cameron’s renegotiation demands. Mr Tusk’s name become synonymous with the ‘Tusk letter’ last November in which David Cameron set out four areas where he is seeking reforms as part of negotiations on the UK’s membership of the European Union [1]. Dr Scott Cato will express her concerns over Cameron’s renegotiation demands and spell out what she believes needs safeguarding as well as identifying progressive reforms Greens would like to see instead. She will tell Mr Tusk:

“Cameron is right in wanting to ensure that the UK doesn’t end up with less power over economic policy because we are not members of the single currency – Greens have always opposed the Euro. However, the Tories priority is to ensure complete freedom for The City to operate outside the remit of European legislation. We don’t think this is right and we want to see EU-wide co-operation to prevent banks taking reckless risks and damaging the real economy.

“Cameron’s attacks on ‘red tape’ is actually an assault on valuable legislation that protects our environment and our human and employment rights. We see these rights and protections as central to everything we value about being European citizens.

“What Cameron consistently refers to as ‘immigration’, we Greens call free movement. This is one of the great achievements of the European Union and something that many of us benefit from. As Greens we want to defend the rights to travel, study, work and retire across the EU. Cameron is clearly seeking to undermine these rights.”

Molly Scott Cato is concerned that concessions to David Cameron and the UK government is making it more difficult to encourage progressives and those on the left in the UK to vote to remain in the EU. She said:

“I worry that Cameron’s renegotiation agenda means the EU is losing support from the left. I will be seeking reassurance from Mr Tusk that conceding to Cameron’s demands will not alienate the vital vote of UK progressives to remain in the European Union.”

See the video of Molly asking Donald Trump about Cameron’s renegotiation demands. His response suggests he expects a deal to be agreed in February 2016 but that the EU will not compromise on the principle of free movement.