Our addiction to oil means that climate change and conflict in the Middle East now go hand-in-hand

Indy Voices (The Independent)

Published on Sunday 13th December

Full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/our-addiction-to-oil-means-that-climate-change-and-conflict-in-the-middle-east-now-go-hand-in-hand-a6771471.html

Molly explores the link between instability in the Middle East and an increasingly unstable climate. She suggests lessons the world has leaned from the COP21 climate change negotiations may well be helpful to solving global conflicts.

Key quote:

“Like the addict who will sacrifice his family to feed his addiction, western foreign policy has for decades supported tyrants who have oppressed the peoples of oil-producing states across the Middle East. Our interventions in the region have been driven almost entirely by self-interest, taking little account of the wish for self-determination of the people who live there.

“COP21 provided the moment to abandon our dependence on oil for energy, and arms and bombs for solving conflict. The transition to a world that is both sustainable and empowering can only be achieved with shared solutions.”