Molly Scott Cato issues apology over salary error

Commenting on a mistake she made on BBC Sunday Politics when questioned about her salary, Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“I would like to apologise for the error I made during the studio filming for the Sunday Politics programme. During the session of questioning about my salary I gave some wrong information which I would like to correct. I began by saying that my current salary is not a great deal more than my previous salary as a university professor. This is entirely correct as I have moved from a salary of £60,000 to one of £68,000. However when I tried to convert this to euros I was confused by the exchange rate and stated that my salary is about €80,000 when it is in fact €96,000. There was no attempt to mislead but rather I was confused when suddenly put on the spot. I am totally committed to transparency in my reporting of salary and expenses and all the details are available on my website.”

Full details of MEPs salaries can be found on the allowances and expenses pages