MEP pledges to continue fight against Hinkley as agreement on Chinese financial deal is reached

Molly Scott Cato MEP has responded angrily to the news that the Chinese government has agreed to pump £6bn into the new nuclear power station at Hinkley. The agreement was signed when Prime Minister David Cameron met with the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit to the UK. Molly Scott Cato said:

This is nothing short of a national disgrace. Drugged up on Chinese finance, Cameron is taking risky decisions and leading the country up a dangerous dark alley. This is a terrible deal which will result in the world’s most expensive power plant and massively overpriced electricity. People will continue to die of the cold and live in fuel poverty as a result of Cameron’s decision to kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party and appease the City of London. This is all the more tragic as we know renewable energy can deliver energy security more quickly, more cheaply and provide thousands more quality jobs.”

Molly has long made the economic and environmental case against Hinkley. She recently outlined the ‘triple risks’ of Hinkley in a New Statesman article and attended a pop-up protest at the Hinkley Point nuclear site with the Vice President of the French Assembly, Denis Baupin.

Molly has made several media appearances related to the Hinkley saga in recent days including on BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Devon and BBC Radio 5 Live. She also appeared on ITV news for the South West/West of England. She has made a short video in which she laments the fact that the UK and its values are being sacrificed on the altar of the City of London.

Despite the signing of the deal with the Chinese, Molly pledged to continue the fight against Hinkley:

“Hinkley still has a number of hurdles to jump. There’s the Austrian legal challenge to contend with for a start and on-going doubts as to whether the design for Hinkley’s reactors will ever be viable or workable. I myself am challenging Hinkley through the European Commission on the basis that it represents unfair competition under EU competition law. Rest assured, I, together with many others, will continue to oppose this white elephant every step of the way.”