MEP launches new report on Controlling Carbon in run-up to Paris climate talks

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, is to launch a new report, entitled Controlling Carbon, in the European Parliament today suggesting a new way forward on tackling the carbon emissions responsible for climate change. The report commissioned by Dr Scott Cato and written by Professor Victor Anderson takes a critical look at a range of proposals on pricing and taxing carbon, including the much criticised European Emissions Trading Scheme. Professor Anderson concludes that while there is a need for additional policies, the ETS should be neither abandoned nor replaced. He said:

“The ETS has secured widespread support within the EU. To campaign against it is to risk dismantling an inadequate policy, only to be left with no substantial policy at all. Schemes which have political support and momentum often have a greater chance of success than more theoretically perfect schemes which lack support.”

Professor Anderson says he believes a mix of policies will work best including the retention and improvement of the ETS combined with government expenditure on emissions reductions, an element of auctioned permits and a Carbon Tax on international aviation and shipping.

Molly Scott Cato MEP will launch the report at a breakfast meeting in the European parliament today. She said:

“We have run out of superlatives to describe the significance of climate change as a threat to humanity. We have gone beyond last chances and are just hoping against hope that the COP21 negotiators in Paris will exceed our expectations and respond to the needs of current and future generations.

“As a Green economist I believe we urgently need a lever that can be used to exert pressure on the global economy to move beyond the era of fossil fuels. In his report Victor Anderson concludes that we probably need a mix of solutions. We need to throw everything we can at the problem of carbon emissions in order to achieve the urgent reductions needed. Controlling Carbon is an ambitious title but it is the minimum we must do if we are to ensure a liveable planet for future generations.”