Controlling Carbon

ControlCarbonThis report by Professor Victor Anderson compares and contrasts a number of possible levers for controlling carbon emissions before reaching a pragmatic conclusion about what to recommend.

Very often debates about tackling climate change get bogged down between rival camps, supporting their own scheme and its ground-breaking proposer. Victor Anderson’s report is different. By exploring the merits to several different schemes he is able to take an entirely rational approach and able to realise that we probably need a mix of solutions to achieve urgent reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. His proposal does not seek to offer a final answer but to offer an important contribution to an urgent debate.  In summary, what Professor Anderson advocates is:

  • The retention and improvement of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS)
  • Government expenditure on emissions reductions
  • Auctioned permits, with a dividend returned to citizens
  • Carbon Tax on international aviation and shipping

At the COP21 climate talks in Paris countries of the world will be expected to make and stick to their pledges to reduce CO2 emissions. However, the decisions about what policies are needed to make those pledges a reality will continue to be debated. It is those deliberations that this report is intended to inform.

Read and download the full Controlling Carbon report