New Tory spin on Hinkley shows ideological pro-nuclear, anti-renewables obsession, says Molly Scott Cato

Commenting on the announcement that the UK government will guarantee a £2bn deal under which China will invest in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station, Molly Scot Cato, Green MEP for the South West, whose constituency Hinkley would be built in and long term critic of the nuclear power plant said:

Molly has regularly been interviewed about Hinkley C
Molly has regulalrly been interviewed about Hinkley C

“Wheeling out the Tory spin machine shows the desperate state of this flawed deal. Numerous deadlines for signing this flawed deal have now been missed with French companies facing technological delays and Chinese companies facing financial difficulties.

“It is astonishing that the government will go begging the Chinese for money in the middle of a stock market crisis while neglecting our incredible renewable resources in the South West. The Navitus off-shore wind development in Dorset alone would have secured enough energy to power 700,000 homes. There is clearly an ideological pro nuclear, anti-renewables obsession at the heart of government.

“While this government sees fit to subsidise foreign companies to support an old industry, it is deliberately destroying UK companies and undermining investment opportunities for small-scale investors building the energy of the future. The Tories are snubbing British citizens who have shown their willingness to invest in community renewables and support the clean, green energy of the future with which our country, and particularly the South West, is so richly endowed.”