Molly helps to launch Exeter Pound

Molly was a key speaker at the launch of Exeter’s own local currency. The Exeter Pound was launched on Tuesday 1st September on Cathedral Green in Exeter and joins other local currencies in the South West, including the Totnes Pound and Bristol Pound. Speaking at the launch, Molly said:

“Every time you spend an Exeter Pound you are changing the way the economy works and making a statement against what’s wrong with our global economy. It’s not a radical, weirdy green thing – it’s an eminently sensible and practical thing to build strength in the local economy. In my work at the European Parliament I see how easy it is for corporate businesses to avoid paying their taxes, and that’s why we can’t afford to pay for public services. When you have an Exeter Pound in your hand you really have the power to change the economy in your hand, so please use it.”

The first Exeter Pound was spent by Exeter Cathedral Residentiary Canon and Precentor, Victoria Thurtell, who bought a loaf of bread from the Lord Mayor, Olwen Foggin! People were able to swap their pounds sterling for the new Exeter Pound notes at the launch and began spending them at a number of stalls set up for the day.

The launch was also attended by European 10,000m champion Jo Pavey, who appears on the £20 note. She said:

“It’s such a massive honour for me. I’ve always been so grateful for all the support I’ve had from Exeter and the surrounding area. I think the Exeter Pound is an absolutely great idea. Well done to everyone who has made this happen and I hope everyone gets behind it.”

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