Comment: The Greens would welcome a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn

Published: 14th August 2015

With polls pointing to a landslide victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership race, Molly argues that his victory could usher in a new German style Red-Green alliance, a prosperous green economy, and bring about long overdue electoral reform.

Key quote:

“Corbynism will offer the Red; it will be enormously refreshing to at last have an opposition that will make a stand against the savagery of austerity and seek to take back key strategic industries such as the railways into public ownership. But the Green part of the equation is going to be equally essential to such an alliance. The Green Party has a strong underlying philosophical basis from which all policy arises. So protecting the planet from environmental destruction and unsustainable consumption underpins all our policies, which have been carefully developed over many years… If Labour does emerge from its leadership contest with the pragmatic realisation it cannot win another election unless it embraces both electoral reform and a Red-Green coalition, Corbyn will have done politics in this country a massive favour.”