Suggestion of ‘technocratic government’ for Greece alarming and inappropriate, says MEP

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has responded with alarm to comments by the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on Sunday’s Greek referendum on European Union and International Monetary Fund bailout conditions. Schulz told German Handelsblatt business daily that new elections would be necessary following a Yes vote and that President Tsipras would need to resign. He also said that in such an event, the country would need to be ‘bridged with a technocratic government’, so that negotiations could continue. Dr Scott Cato, an economist who sits on the Economics Committee in the European Parliament, has expressed her deep concern at these comments:

“Martin Schulz appears to be suggesting that if a democratic government will not agree to the Eurogroup’s conditions it should be replaced. This intervention in the domestic politics of an EU member state is wholly inappropriate and quite unacceptable. It is not the job of the President of the Parliament to impose an interim government of technocrats to do the bidding of financial markets. It is for the people of Greece to make a democratic decision about their future and not up to Schultz to decide, or indeed threaten, what this future would or could look like.”