TTIP: five short films from the Greens making clear why we should be concerned

Greens are calling on MEPs to back an amendment calling for the exclusion of ISDS in TTIP

Next week the European Parliament will vote on the controversial TTIP trade deal between the EU and US. The Greens have consistently taken a strong stand against the deal and have produced five short films to show why we should be deeply concerned. Greens are particularly worried by the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause, which could potentially allow corporations the right to sue governments over laws which affect their profits. Greens have put forward an amendment calling for the exclusion of ISDS from TTIP and are urging other MEPs to support them. You can find out who your MEPs are, and email them directly, using the WriteToThem website. Molly Scott Cato says:

“We would like to see the back of TTIP altogether and Greens in the European Parliament will continue to fight against this dangerous trade deal. Of immediate concern is ISDS and we really hope to succeed in blocking the inclusion of this toxic clause next week. ISDS is undemocratic and should be named and shamed as such. You can count on the Green Group to vote against ISDS and to defend public services. The question is, will other progressive MEPs back us?”

This first film features Molly!