The Power to Transform the South West – new report demonstrates region could be powered by 100% renewable energy

Molly by a wind turbine at Delabole
Molly by a wind turbine at Delabole

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato will this week release a new report which demonstrates that the South West region could become fully self-sufficient in energy and has the renewable energy resources to meet more than 100% of its total energy needs.

As well as the environmental benefits of clean green energy, the report also says that a drive to realise the region’s renewable energy potential promises 122,000 new jobs; an increase in employment of 4.5%. The report also concludes that the costs of developing the region’s renewable energy capability will be cheaper than providing the equivalent amount of energy through nuclear power. The launch of the report will take place in Bristol this Thursday [2]. Molly Scott Cato said:

“I commissioned this report because I was aware that the political refusal to develop renewable energy to anywhere near its full potential was wasting our most important natural resources, and, because of the extraordinary jobs potential of the renewable industry, was wasting our human resources as well. We believe that the South West is well placed to lead a renewable energy revolution that will provide a boost to our rural economies, rapidly reduce our CO2 emissions and provide genuine energy security.”